A la carte

As a « Maître Restaurateur », our commitment is to work closely with passionate local producers and suppliers. What unites us : the love of the product !

Discover our menus

1> STARTER  15€​

  1. Fish soup, rouille sauce and croutons
  2. Lightly cooked Foie Gras (supplement 5€) with garden fig chutney.
  3. Choice of self-service hors d’œuvres
  4. Gravlax Salmon trout (large plate +5€)
  5. Warm breaded goat’s cheese salad (large plate +5€)

3> PIZZAS  15€​

  1. Regina
  2. Four Cheese
  3. Basilicum


  1. Pied et paquets “Grandmother” : Traditional recipe
  2. The moment dish according to the return of the market

5> VIANDES 18€​

  1. Our Limousin Beef cheeseburger, parmesan, candied onion and barbecue sauce
  2. Mixed grill : Limousin beef, black pork and Sisteron lamb
  3. Black pig of the Hautes-Alpes Grilled
  4. Braised shoulder of Sisteron lamb with “Sarriette”

6> Fish 18€​

  1. « Escalopine » of trout with sorrel sauce
  2. Fish soup casserole with monkfish fillet, red mullet fillets, seafood. (supp +5€)
  3. « Aioli » Poached cod fillet and steamed vegetables with «Aioli» garlic mayonnaise.


  1. Cheese plate with regional cheese varieties
  2. Moulded goat’s cottage cheese from a local producer


  1. Caramel floating island with saffron
  2. Chaud-froid of caramelised apricots, tatin-style
  3. Warm soft-centred chocolate cake
  4. Fruit salad with homemade Chantilly cream
  5. « L’indécent »: ice cream (vanilla and almond milk), caramel with saffron
  6. “Café Gourmand” : three homemade desserts served with an espresso


little hungry 23€

main dish, cheese board or dessert

Terroir 30€

starter, main dish, cheese board or dessert

Épicurien 33€

starter, main dish, cheese board and dessert

Kids formule

Baby 6€

bowl prepared by us of mashed potato, meat and vegetables

Kids (under 12s) 12€

beef burger or home-made chicken nuggets, vanilla ice cream and hazelnut sauce

Teenager (under 18s) 18€

choice of self-service hors d’œuvres, «Grand Chêne Cheesburger» or trout steak, dessert taster plate with : chocolate fondant cake – floating island –  fruit salad – raspberry ice-cream

 Children’s games are available in the garden. Children must be properly supervised by their parents.